Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric Releases Beautiful Song About Nazi Dick Getting Punched Upside the Head

"Richard Spencer" sounds like Randy Newman getting mad at Nazis.
January 22, 2017, 7:59pm

Punching Nazis in the head should not be a controversial activity. Indiana Jones was a good movie. And there is no circumstance in which the video of Nazi asshole Richard Spencer getting punched upside the head is not both funny and cathartic. Nazis are bad. They should be punched.

One person who found the video of Richard Spencer getting clocked upside the head appropriately hilarious was Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric. This morning, he released a pretty little song in honor of the incident. "Richard Spencer" sounds like Randy Newman getting mad at Nazis and features the following poetry:

You can't wish anyone dead, even if the baseball cap is red
But if you see Richard Spencer, why don't you punch him in the head
If you see Richard Spencer, won't you give him big black eye
Come at him swinging, ain't no one gonna cry
Ain't no one gonna cry

Listen to the mini-masterpiece below.

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