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[NSFW] A Photographer Depicts Men at Their Most Vulnerable

The photographer Abigail Ekue aims to 'subvert the censorship of male nude photography' with her work.
Bare Men by Abigail Ekue Photography. Images courtesy the artist

The article below contains adult content. 

Erotic images and nuances of vulnerability dominate the images inside Bare Men, the title of a photography book and pop-up exhibit by Abigail Ekue. The photographs convey an obvious sensuality while provocatively bringing attention to the naked male form.

Softly lit and finished in black-and-white, Ekue’s photographs are warm, emotive, and refreshingly natural. The photographer's guiding principle of the series is to “subvert the censorship of male nude photography" and destigmatize it, as detailed in a press release. “The question of why I would want to take photos of naked men is tainted by the idea that naked men are ugly," Ekue shares in her exhibition statement. “And women have no interest or gain no pleasure from seeing men in the nude. [This is] wrong.” See for yourself in the selection of images below:


The Bare Men: A Male Nude Photo Series book is currently on sale for pre-orders, with another stage of release set for August 1. The pop-up exhibit for Bare Men took place on May 19, in Brooklyn, New York; find more details on the exhibit, here.


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