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Japan’s Robot Restaurant Is a Futuristic Sensory Overload

Robotics and psychedelic lights electrify the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuki, Tokyo.
June 2, 2016, 2:05pm
Charge of the fembots at Robot Restaurant, via Wikimedia Commons

If any one country is truly synonymous with robotics, it is without a doubt Japan. Last year in the country’s Huis Ten Bosch theme park, the Henn-na (“Weird Hotel”) opened, billed as the first staffed entirely by robots. Now the Japanese have another claim to machine fame: a themed restaurant focused on robotics.

Located in Shinjuki, Tokyo, the appropriately named Robot Restaurant isn’t strictly staffed by robots. It would be more accurate to describe it as full-on sensory overload. With a future-carnivalesque atmosphere and enough psychedelic wattage to put Las Vegas to shame, Robot Restaurant is also something of man-machine Pop performance art.

Image via Eddy Milfor under Flickr/Creative Commons license.

Judging by a recently released video that showing the restaurant’s robotic pyrotechnics, this bot parade looks legit. As techno-theater, it’s fantastic, and one can only imagine the wonder people on mind-altering substances will feel walking through it. Whether or not one would actually want to eat the food, however, is another question entirely.

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