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A 3D-Printed Car That Assembles Itself

The "Genesis" concept design from RCA student Nir Siegel would 3D print a car at your doorstep.
August 19, 2013, 10:11pm

By now, 3D-printed cars are old news. Never mind the fact that few of us have ever or will ever see one in person, much less take one for a joy ride. But 3D-printed cars that can assemble themselves? Now we're talkin. An ambitious and ingenious new concept design called "Genesis" from Royal College of Art graduate student Nir Siegel, explores the possibility of not only on-demand custom design, but also self-automated production techniques.


Siegel's concept, which was recently awarded the Pilkington Vehicle Design award, envisions a specialized 3D-printer that actually prints the car around itself, right in front of the car buyer. While current commercial-grade 3D printers are a long way off from being able to produce a design of such complexity efficiently or with sufficient structural integrity, it's a rapidly developing field that includes such strides as 3D printing entire rooms and even houses.