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Explore an Underground World of Pixel-Based Microorganisms

Pixels swarm like bacteria and alien spaceships in 'generative nights,' an audiovisual project by Lola and Yukao Meet.
Images via, courtesy the artists

Pixels pulsate, multiply, collide, and swarm in generative nights, an audiovisual “exploration of an underground world hosted by micro-organisms that infinitely replicate” created by Lola and Yukao Meet, the duo comprised of composer Lola Ajima and graphical artist and scientist Yukao Nagemi. Inspired by cellular automata, the graphical and audio patterns of their video collaboration are meant to spark the viewers’ imaginations with images of “industrial halls, cities at night or a biologist’s lab bench,” according to the artists.


The visual display’s sensors capture the motion of surrounding light, translating it into noise patterns. "Just think of the graphics as a huge sequencer of one million interconnected cells with light sensors that capture the activity in some selected places of the visual sequencer," explains LYM. The duo is currently hard at work on a performance of a grander scale, a public installation for which the generative nights setup would be embedded into the floor.

Below, see the trailer for their future performances, and images of generative nights in action:

Click here to learn more about Lola and Yukao Meet, the artists responsible for generative nights.


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