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Artist Visualizes the Kinetic Beauty of Yoga

TimeBlur's generates abstract digital representations of the kinetic beauty of Sun Salutations and more.
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Motion-captured yoga poses become gorgeous visuals in a new project from Bangalore, India-based art studio TimeBlur. With the mission of "trying to bring cutting edge technology to explain few ancient practices in India," their new project, Nadi - Kinetics of Yoga, translates common yoga positions, like the Sun Salutation and the Tree Pose, into interactive digital experiences.

As practitioners stretch and breathe, a Kinect camera reads each position's motion data and warps it into an abstract digital model projected on a nearby screen. These visualizations range from distorted waveforms to generative radial patterns and willowy particle trails, all tweaked and transformed based on the pose and the person, so every practicing yogi is immersed in their own unique animation. "The visuals are an investigation to understand the flow of breath using the human body as a vehicle, or as a container," TimeBlur explains on the Nadi project page. "Its the digital juxtaposition of the poses that the body generates with each breath, which makes the visual."


For more information about yoga, poses, and TimeBlur's beautiful digital sculptures, check out their website.

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