'DOOM' Is Violently Reimagined with a Claymation Cat

Filmmaker Lee Hardcastle's reimagines 'DOOM' with a cat giving hell to demons and monsters.
May 10, 2016, 1:45pm

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The reboot of DOOM, the beloved and influential FPS game of old, is imminent (out May 13). To mark the occassion, British claymation artist Lee Hardcastle has made an officially sanctioned animated nod to the original video game via his signature gory clay. But the protagonist in Hardcastle's version is... a cat. Claycat, in fact, instead of the traditional 'Doomguy.'

Hardcastle, who's tagline is "I make claymations that are not for children," is known for making very gruesome and bloody stop-motion animations, like an ultraviolent Simpsons couch gag that riffs on the horror movie You're Next. What with DOOM being about fighting off hellspawn on Mars, there's plenty of violent imagery to work with on its own, which Hardcastle does amply.

Bonus video! #mypetcacodemon #doom

A video posted by Lee Hardcastle (@leehardcastle) on May 9, 2016 at 6:55am PDT

Intercut with the first-person perspective from the game, Claycat tools up, dons a space marine outfit, and starts laying waste with a pump action shotgun/chainsaw/pistol to classic villains like the belching cacodemon. It's clearly made with a fan's love and attention to detail.

Hardcastle has previously remade John Carpenter's _The Thing _but with children's character Pingu. Sadly, it that had to be taken down so he did it again but with Claycat. Now, Claycat stars in another grisly remake and it's equally as entertaining and just as brutally violent.

Hardcastle's posted some behind-the-scenes pics and videos on his Instagram if you want to check out more.

Click here to learn more about the artist.


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