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Sorayama’s Sexy Cyborg Pin-Ups Do Vegas

Dr. Laura Henkel, a specialist in modern provocative art, is putting on a show of sexy gynoids at Sin City Gallery.
February 12, 2016, 6:25pm
Sexy Robot in Yellow by Hajime Sorayama. Courtesy of Sin City Gallery

Good news for fans of high-heeled cyborg women in fetish gear: Las Vegas’ own Sin City Gallery is set to exhibit 50 original works by sci-fi pin-up artist Hajime Sorayama this April.

The Japanese painter and illustrator was born in 1947, and began drawing sexy robots at the age of 31 while working as a graphic designer. Today, the artist continues to create variations on his flesh-meets-metal pin-ups, a futuristic version of Japanese Shunga and Ukiyo-e, centuries-old erotic art traditions.


Dr. Laura Henkel, curator of the exhibition, is proud to present the rare collection, which comes from the holdings of a private collector. “Sorayama is our living, modern-day Alberto Vargas, who has influenced contemporary art, fashion, film, music and technology,” Henkel tells The Creators Project.

Hajime Sorayama, Nihon Neon. Image: Courtesy of Sin City Gallery

With a doctorate in human sexuality and a PhD in erotic art, Dr. Henkel is something of a specialist in provocative contemporary art. Invited to see the collection years ago, she has watched it grow in size until today. Her love of robots began in childhood, inspired by movies like Metropolis and Blade Runner. “I find the feminine form fused with futuristic fashion and technology to both incredibly intoxicating and empowering,” Henkel says of Sorayama’s gynoids.

“The realism that Sorayama portrays in his work is not only plausible, it is attainable.”

April 9, the opening of the Sorayama show, is a big day for Sin City Gallery. A juried art show called 12 Inches of Sin will take place the same day, along with an “immersive art happening” with live music, lectures, performances, and more. It’s an adult-only event “for modern provocateurs.” Hopefully, also for modern cyborgs.

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