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100,000 Emojis Recreate Three Classic Fairy Tales

Artist and author Joe Hale painstakingly translated 'Alice in Wonderland,' 'Peter Pan,' and 'Pinocchio' into symbols and smileys.

[Click to enlarge] One Hundred Thousand Emojis, Joe Hale, 2015

"I've got no strings," is a phrase nowhere to be found in Carlo Collodi's original Pinocchio, but the concept is the same as the Disney movie you're probably familiar with: a puppet gifted with life, who just wants to become a real boy. Incidentally, we learned from our go-to emoji translator Joe Hale that the first time Pinocchio's nose grows can be summarized fairly concisely with the tiny texting icons:


"Pinocchio's nose continued growing."

After painstakingly translating Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan into emoji over the course of the last year, he's now completed the trilogy with a fully-translated version of Pinocchio called Pleasureland, which you can learn more about here. Perhaps most impressively, however, he's conglomorated all three works into a single poster, titles One Hundred Thousand Emojis (above) which is the number of symbols and smileys it took the artist to complete all three tales.

Check out the full Pinocchio poster, and more emoji translations, below:

"Bad boys never come to good in this world."

"Your money or your life!"

Visit Joe Hale's website to see more of his work.


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