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An Incredible 12K Timelapse Lets You Experience LA Sans Traffic

Super-high definition stakes its claim over the City of Angels in Joe Capra's new timelapse video, 'PHASED | LA.'
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From the freeways at dawn to Malibu at sunset to the Canyons at dusk, the PHASED | LA timelapse video captures Los Angeles as both a vibrant city and a natural wonder. Joe Capra, the filmmaker behind the amazing 10K timelapse of Rio De Janeiro, has stepped up his game with a 12K, 100 megapixel timelapse of the City of Angels. Using a Phase One XF IQ3 100 megapixel camera, Capra creates a video with exponentially better resolution than 4K Ultra HD content. Phased | LA, for Capra, is a demonstration of the amazing detail afforded by such technology. In the video's description, he explains that it allows far more flexibility and creativity on his part.


Capra, who is also known as Scientifantastic, is an LA-based photographer and cinematographer. He has documented Iceland, Greenland, and Australia, among other locales, in 4K. Last year, he brought us a staggering demonstration of what 10K could do. Now, armed with a full 12K, Capra’s direction and eye for detail is more evident than ever. Check out PHASED | LA below:


To see more of Joe Capra’s videos, check out his Vimeo and his website.


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