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Tetris Master Creates Artful 'V' During Speed Run

Watch an expert speedrunner beat the game and make art simultaneously.
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At this year's Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) 2015 Charity Marathon Event, one grandmaster pushed the limits of speed Tetris in an artful way: by staggering one gap in every row, he created a static stack of cubes that, to some, looks like a concentrated effort to create the worst-case scenario possible, and to others, art. And then he proceded to smash his pattern line by line.

It's not the first time pros have built patterns into Tetris games, but it's certainly a creative feat, especially given the high speeds at which the game was played. It's wasn't the only creative gameplaying going on, either: click here to watch a video of a grandmaster beating a version of the game with invisible bricks.


AGDQ is a bi-annual speed gaming event benefitting the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Held in from January 3-13, and streamed on gaming video platform Twitch, this year's event has already raise over half a million dollars to assist the early detection and prevention of cancer. The gaming event also features high speed runs through Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Mario Kart Wii, Contra, CastlevaniaHalo 2, and others. Below, check out the Tetris speedrunners in action (the above pattern occurs at around the 1:00 mark).

Click here to check out Awesome Games Done Quick.


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