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See How SFX Artists Shaped The Elements For Tycho's "See" Video

We talked to artists Conor Grebel and Michael Williams about creating the FX for Tycho's "See" video.

Tycho - See - Practical BTS from Conor Grebel on Vimeo.

Earlier this year, we premiered Tycho’s music video for “See,” a story about a woman who journeys through nature and discovers mysterious wooden tablets that unlock windows into alternate realities. The video above dives into how FX artists Conor Grebel and Michael Williams tackled the challenge of designing the main character’s ethereal visions, and even includes versions of her fantasies that didn’t make it into the final cut.


Grebel and Williams wanted their SFX to impart a sense of wonder. Using projected shape animations, smoke, crystals in solution, and flaming steel wool, they were able to create a variety of stunning effects including burning vortexes and light tunnels.

Tycho - See - Props BTS from Conor Grebel on Vimeo.

In addition, Grebel and Williams crafted the wooden props the main character uses for her scrying experience. From the onset, they knew the objects should form a “tactile connection to life and nature,” and feature geometric designs. Though both had limited woodworking experience, they took the challenge on: “We approached [the props] as characters within the story, each with a unique personality, but unified as ancient relics with vital roles in a timeless and mysterious ritual,” explains Grebel.

Below, explore some behind-the-scenes stills of the main character’s visions and the mysterious objects she uses to see them:

Check out Grebel’s personal website for more on his experience crafting the alternate world and designing the props for “See”, and also, dive into the new music video for his personal project, Bedtimes, below:

Bedtimes - It's a Trick from Conor Grebel on Vimeo.


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