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DIY: How To Make Your Mittens Into “High Five Gloves”

A speaker, a some circuits, and your favorite finger socks are all you need to preserve your fall high fives.

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The simple satisfaction of a solid high five is one of our most treasured pleasures—but one that sadly becomes scarce during frigid fall and winter months. As sweater weather swiftly approaches, gloves and mittens may keep the cold at bay, but they also restrict the skin contact necessary for the kinds of slaps that leave ears ringing and palms tingling with bipartite gratification.

Luckily, by grafting a modified voice recording module into a winter glove,Instructableswizard xGrape has devised a technological solution to this centuries-old problem: appropriately dubbed the "High Five Glove," the deviceallows DIYers to preserve the sound of the high-five through a few easy-to-follow steps. Then, all it takes is one palm-smack with a friend or acquaintaince (or anyone else who deserves a high five)for your plosive salutations to pop in any weather.


Check out a basic overview of High Five Glove's contstruction below, and check out the Instructables page here:

Be sure to check out more of xGrape's inventive interventions on Instructables.


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