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Morphing Fractal Orbs Spin and Shine in 'BIOSPHERE'

Find your favorite forms in visual artist Tatyana Zabanova's shifting, animated landscapes.
July 29, 2015, 2:00pm
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Globes encrusted with streaks and specks of light orbit throughout the fractalizing five minutes of Tatyana Zabanova's BIOSPHERE. Synced to an original track by composer Matías Schwartz, Zabanova's forms distort into a gorgeous reel of visualizations. As with the best fractal worlds, BIOSPHERE feels like a patchwork of clouds—each shift creating its own shapes to divine. At one moment, the orbsroll in and out of focus like CGI bug eyes under a kaleidoscopic microscope. At the next, the BIOSPHERE becomes an animated black hole, ribbed with bands of light.  Find your own fractal landscapes in a few moments and the full film below:

See more of Tatyana Zabanova's fractal forms on her Deviant Art page.


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