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Humpback Whales Record an Ambient Album

Seriously, 14 composers teamed up with a couple humpbacks to create an amphibious album of atmospheric music.

14 ambient composers and a couple humpback whales have joined together to create an amphibious soundscape of atmospheric music. Whale/human collaborative music project Pod Tune's titular environmental album uses whale vocalization as its primary instrument. As the group explain on their website, humpback whale songs can last between 10-20 minutes and scientists have yet to deduce precisely why they sing—it could be a mating call, for defense, or just for pure joy. Pod Tune themselves believe the animals' baleful wails have "a much grander purpose," much in the same way that humans don’t an explicit reason why we produce music, but have for thousands of years.


Pod Tune's resultant collaboration between man and animal is a serene, textural album of ambience. Stream some songs (feat. whales) via Soundcloud below:

Find out more about Pod Tune's album on their website or Facebook.


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