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The Pantone Cafe Serves the Colorful Meal of Your Dreams

“I’ll have the Tomato Red Mozza White 18-1660 sandwich with a Vibrant Orange 16-1364 juice.”
All images courtesy of the Pantone Cafe

For all you brunch-Instagrammers out there, the pinnacle of culinary aestheticism has arrived. Perched on Monaco’s waterfront Grimaldi Forum sits the Pantone Cafe, a pop-up restaurant where every single item is color-coded with a Pantone color chip.

Lawrence Herbert’s color-matching system is renowned for it’s simple and minimalist organization. Seemingly every known-object has a Pantone color match, and now that includes your afternoon beach-side snack of Vanilla Ice 11-0414 ice cream. According to Pantone’s press release, the Pantone Cafe allows you to “color coordinate your lunch and taste the colors.” The Cafe is open until Sept. 9.


If you can’t make it all the way to Monaco, you can at least enjoy some images of the Pantone Cafe below:

Click here to learn more about the Pantone Cafe.


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