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Enter a 'Globosphere' of Flashing Orbs

Collectif Coin's playful array of flashing globes light the lawn beneath a gothic portico in Ghent.
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Beneath a gothic portico in Ghent, Belgium, Globosphere's playful array of flashing globes lines the lawn. Designed by French studio Collectif Coin, and co-produced by Insight Outside, thetraveling light show premiered at the Light Festival in Lyon, France, reappearing soon after at the Licht Festival in Ghent—as seen in the studio's recently released video—and, most recently, at the Inaguration of Park Flaubert in Grenoble, France. Each night, at each festival or event, Globosphere's modulating display shines through a succession of slated patterns and bursts. "Arranged according to the characteristics of the venue, each 'pixel' that makes up this landscape is connected to the others by the sound and light movements," Collectif Coin explains in their video description. "Mathematics, Sounds, Lights, are used to represent, transform, increase space and offer the viewer a surreal walk.” Let Collectif Coin's Ghent-edition of Globosphere mesmerize your eyeballs in the video and some selected moments, below:


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