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2,000 Lights Illuminate Hong Kong In Jim Campbell's New Installation

Enter a cloud of electric raindrops: Jim Campbell’s “Scattered Light” takes over Hong Kong's Edinburgh Place public square.
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Using Hong Kong's bright cityscape as his backdrop, light artist Jim Campbell has illuminated the Edinburgh Place public square with over 2,000 hanging LED lightbulbs. The installation, known as Scattered Light, features the bulbs seemingly strewn about at random, and visitors are encouraged to navigate their ways through the hanging array of light. “Light is a meta-thing. There’s something magical about working with it; people have almost a meditative response,” explains Campbell in our short documentary on his retrospective from earlier this year. In previous works, he projected images onto resin to create “topographic” 3D sculptures.


Scattered Light is organized by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and runs in tandem withEternal Recurrence, another project by Campbell which features a projection of shadows swimming up the side of Hong Kong’s tallest building.

Both Scattered Light and Eternal Recurrence will be on display through early October.

Explore more of Campbell’s works on his website.

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