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A Giant Black Hole Installation Opened Up in Istanbul

46 beams were used to reimagine the CYGNUS X-1 collapsar as light art inside the Hilton Bomonti.
All images courtesy of artist. 

CYGNUS Immersive Light Installation Performance/MARKA 2014 International Brand Conference from Bi'Şeyler Yeni Medya İşleri on Vimeo.

This hypnotic performance of colliding light beams represents a journey through a black hole—CYGNUS X-1, to be specific, an X-ray source believed to be a collapsar. Known as CYGNUS, the installation was the result of a collaborative effort between Bi’Seyler New Media WorksOuchhh, Panpiper, and Staras.


Using 46 Clay Paky Sharpy lights and 2 Atmosphere Hazers, the team plunged the audience of over 2,000 attendees of the International Brand Conference Istanbul into a supersonic spectacle of the 5-million-year-old constellation. Inside the giant conference hall of the Hilton Bomonti, light sources were placed at different heights, allowing for intersecting beams to manifest a visible void in the center, a vortex of light and form that represented CYGNUS X-1. The effort was especially monumental, in the words of Bi’Seyler, due to the difficulty in funding light art in Turkey.

CYGNUS was on display from December 18-19. Below, catch a few of our favorite moments from the performance:

CYGNUS Credits:

Producer: Bi’şeyler New Media Works

Project Management: Gökhan Okuyucu, Burcu Ece Yılmaz, Ferdi Alıcı

Direction and Light Animation: Ouchhh

Ouchhh Team: Ferdi Alıcı, Eylül Duranağaç

Sound Design: PanPiper (Mehmet Ünal)

Lighting Programmer & Design: Sezgin Karaağaç “SKLD”

Technical Company: Staras Technical Co. Turkey/Istanbul


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