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'Game of Thrones' VFX Breakdown Shows How Dragons Are Born

Daenerys may be the Mother of Dragons, but VFX studio Pixomondo actually brings them to life.
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The trailer for Game of Thrones Season 5 debuted last night at a special Imax screening of Season 4's final episodes, rekindling our suppressed addiction to Westeros' engrossing political drama. Luckily, Thrones VFX outfit Pixomondo has blessed us with a detailed behind-the-scenes look at how they created the half endearing, half terrifying dragons that have driven so much of the plot, and provided some of the most heart-pounding moments from the most recent season. Rewatching this, and October's short GoT animation, and a few dozen times should keep us happy until Season 5 comes out on April 12.


Be prepared for minor spoilers in the behind-the-scenes footage, but be more prepared for seeing the awesome VFX work Pixomondo puts into the series.

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