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Lift Your Spirits with a Levitating Cloud Lamp

This levitating cloud light is equal parts dreamy and technologically advanced.
Images courtesy Crealev and Richard Clarkson Studios

A fluffy cloud hangs in the center of a living room, emitting the sounds of a user-selected playlist while pulsing with colored lights that hint at an impending thunderstorm. Titled Making Weather, the lamp combines a magical aesthetic with deft design and an inscrutable technology that makes the feather-light fixture seem to levitate. Making Weather is currently being prototyped and relies partially on the power of magnets to make the light seemingly “float” 1–2 inches above a surface. Its calming powers are enhanced by the fixture's ability to rotate and bob up and down. The light is also equipped with a Bluetooth speaker and sound-activated LEDs.


Dreamt up by collaborative design firm Crealev and Richard Clarkson Studio, Making Weather is a dose of instant positive mental attitude without the threat of stormy weather. Enter a dreamy, puffy world with photographs and video of the floating cloud light below:

Find more information about Making Weather and other upcoming projects from Crealev on their site here.

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