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Desus & Mero

Al Sharpton Describes His Rocky Relationship with Trump on 'Desus & Mero'

The MSNBC host and civil rights activist stopped by the VICELAND show to talk about Barack Obama, James Brown, and FOX News.

Before Donald Trump became president, he and Al Sharpton had a sort of on-again off-again friendship. So when the civil rights activist visited Desus & Mero, the hosts had him set the record straight about their relationship.

As Sharpton explains in the interview, the two New York natives began their rocky friendship in the 1980s and have often butted heads politically.

"Down through the years we saw each other, fell out, made up, fell out," he explained.

But their friendship officially ended after Trump made comments about the Obama birther controversy.

"We had a meeting and argued about it, and that was it from there," he said, concluding that it is scary to see Donald as president of the United States.

In the extended version of the interview, which you can watch exclusively online, Sharpton also talks about James Brown, being in jail, and going head-to-head with FOX News hosts.

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