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Play 'Beautiful Frog,' the Latest Choose Your Own Adventure from Porpentine

"One of the happiest Twine games ever."
​Image: ​Ruslan/Flickr

​Have ever you wanted a frog but didn't want to deal with its noises? Now you can "have" one in virtual form.

Meet Beautiful Frog, a text-based game created with the easy game making tool Twine that brings the joy of frog parenthood without the hassle. Beautiful Frog is the latest game made by Porpentine, the developer who brought us the popular Twine game Howling Dogs, and it's already being called "one of the happiest Twine games ever."

The game is easy: Click "Begin Frog" and choose your own adventure stories after that. Your little frog can hop ("A rhythmic and sustained hop!"), sing ("♪ uuuuuu erk bwahhh~ ♪") and eat (usually flies). Each time it accomplishes one of those milestone, it advances in age. At four years old, the frog is truly an adult because it can get a job, enter a leaping contest or sing.

A screencap from Beautiful Frog.

In our scenario, we chose the job option and it was like our frog wanted to be just like daddy. "Bwaps finds a job at HUMAN NEWSPAPER. Bwaps falls asleep under a chair. Bwaps earns $1 Human Dollars," it says.

Keep clicking, just don't do hastily because the frog could sadly die. Ours did, but it lasted a whole 15 years. After that, the circle of life begins again.