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Inside a Dark Web Pill Lab

The users behind a dark web drug vendor account uploaded a video of their operation.
June 19, 2015, 1:54pm

Dark web drug dealers are usually a quiet bunch; most vendors keep details of their operation a closely guarded secret. One group of dealers, however, has taken the opposite approach, posting alleged photos and even a behind-the-scenes video of drugs being made.

Yesterday the vendors behind "QuantikXanax," who obviously sell Xanax, amongst other things on the Nucleus marketplace, uploaded a clip to Reddit of a large, metallic machine churning away at high speed, pressing powder into pills. "Dollar, dollar, dollar," one dealer is heard saying as the white tablets tumble endlessly into a bucket.


The motivation was apparently to act as a bit of fan service to the vendor's customers. "We did it because I wanted to throw a bone to my customers who didn't have news from us for a moment," the user responsible for the QuantikXanax Reddit account told Motherboard. "But now that it's everywhere, I guess publicity will come handy."

There's also an element of showing off. "I've reached a point where I'm safe enough, personally, to do that kind of thing and find it thrilling to push the limit and see people react about it," QuantikXanax continued.

The room containing the whirring machine, which one of the commentators refers to as the "Space Room 2.0," is covered totally in a layer of silver foil. "They're designed to block radio signals," QuantikXanax said.

Naturally, some have seen uploading this video as foolish, as it may expose the identities of the people in the film.

"Any of you who see shit like this and thinks it's simply okay needs to get their shit checked. This isn't cool at all. The fuck are you thinking," one Reddit user replied.

QuantikXanax, however, is unphased. "The video is also an old one we kept in our "business souvenirs,"" he continued. "The guy talking in the video no longer works for us and is not aware anymore of who operates in the company and how. No identifying information can be recovered from the video." The apparatus used to film the video has also been destroyed, according to QuantikXanax.

The dealer couldn't reveal how many pills were made in that particular instance, simply because he didn't know. "I don't keep track of numbers, I have people paid to do it. I no longer do much in this company beside chill on Reddit and answer an occasional email, or give strategies/advice to my guys and get monthly reports on how its going."