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The Latest Magic Leap 'Mixed Reality' Demo Is Pretty Badass

The secretive Google-backed company plans to sell 'millions of the things.'
Image: Magic Leap

Sometimes the future delivers.

Augmented reality as it's usually pitched tends to feel like half-assed sci-fi, a cool idea hampered by the real-life state of technology. It's a godsend for awkward tourists short on their urban bumbling quotas and Ingress players, but not very much an image of the Future.

Magic Leap, an AR outfit sitting on $500 million in financing partially furnished by Google, has been working on its technology over the past several years, largely in secret. The firm's CEO Rony Abovitz has described it as nothing like anything currently on the market and a device that will definitely change how we view computers. Self-professed pioneers of revolutionary but secret technology tend to also be pretty good at selling.

Nevertheless, imagining a sick-as-hell, worth-putting-on-your-face Google Glass seems reasonable, given the latest brief preview of the technology offered above. Or imagine yourself the captain of a bad-ass spaceship swiping away at an intergalactic atlas on the holodeck. Or something.

In an interview at the WSJD technology conference on Tuesday, Abovitz declared that Magic Leap is prepared to ship "millions of things," though he declined to give a date as to when the technology might actually become available.

Magic Leap is building "an operating system for reality," Abovitz added.