Brock Lesnar Will Face Mark Hunt at UFC 200

Brock Lesnar announces his matchup, and compares himself to Bo Jackson (*eye roll*).
June 6, 2016, 6:15pm

During this weekend's UFC 199, a promo video was played that ended with a vision of Brock Lesnar—signaling the famous behemoth's return to the sport. It was then announced that he would fight at UFC 200 on July 9th, opponent TBD.

There was some drama surrounding this bit of news, as veteran MMA reporter Ariel Helwani was allegedly kicked out of the event for leaking the news earlier in the day. The UFC has yet to make a statement on the matter, but the consensus seems to be that announcing matchups before the UFC qualifies as journalism and that Ariel was just doing his job.


Nevertheless, today, on the Monday morning edition of SportsCenter, the once-retired former UFC heavyweight champ confirmed his return and announced that heavy-hitter Mark Hunt will be his next opponent in the Octagon.

After mentioning that he had second-guessed his retirement from the start, Lesnar stated that he didn't pick the matchup and was willing to fight anyone the UFC put in front of him.

"I've never turned down a fight in the UFC," Lesnar said. "Even when I was champ, I never turned down a fight. When I was fighting to be a champ, I never turned down a fight. If Dana White called me and said, 'You have opponent X, Y or Z, which do you want?' He never gave me those options."

Lesnar is still under contract with the WWE, but was granted a "one-off" fight in the UFC. It will be his first time back since 2011 when he was TKO'ed by Alistair Overeem.

He also called himself a "cross-over athlete" and a "modern day Bo Jackson," because, you know, he performs as a pro wrestler too. Two sports!

All jokes aside, Brock is an incredible athlete and it's not like we won't be excited to watch the Super Samoan throw bombs at a man with a giant sword tattoo on his chest. OK, OK, no more jokes.

Great news!