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Congolese Player Challenges Tunisian Player in the Worst Way

The man only got a yellow card for this one.

Ho, buddy. There are all kinds of injuries you want to make sure to avoid in soccer. Your body is a tight, compact monument to running and kicking efficiency, and so you can imagine a nightmare scenario in which one loose pin sends you to the pitch with no return. But not even career-ending injuries can compare to the likes of this unmentionable one.

In today's CAF Super Cup final, Congolese side TP Mazembe defender Kabaso Chongo (Zambia) went in for a challenge against Tunisia's ES Sahel player Drame Michailou (Mali) with his studs straight up, and nailed Sahel in the I-don't-want-to-says. It's not a kick, so much as a stiff arm with the leg—like a knight with a lance, except a lot less noble. Dude only got a yellow card for the horrendous exchange.

TP Mazembe would later go on to beat ES Sahel, which—after that incident and minimal penalty—would be the real kick in the nuts. Youch.