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Florida Hockey Player Charged with Arson Claims He Was Burning Love Letters

Hell hath no fury like a love letter burned.
January 19, 2016, 5:06pm

Behold the face of a man who just torched his house because he decided to burn old love letters with gasoline. Justin Agosta, a 25-year-old defenseman for the Florida Everblades in the ECHL, was arrested on December 30th after he called 911 to report an out of control fire at his home.

The 25-year-old told firefighters who responded to his apartment along the 11200 block of Everblades Parkway in Estero that he was upset with his girlfriend when he bought gasoline at a nearby gas station to douse the letters. Agosta said he tried to put the fire out with water and a towel when it got out of control near the entrance of his apartment and caused damage to the front of his building and walls where soot collected.

The fire activated the sprinklers in his apartment, and that's when he called 911.

I mean, I guess it's good he at least decided to do this outside? I know hockey is an ice sport, so maybe he's not totally familiar with fire, but generally you do not need gasoline to burn paper. Paper is what you would call "flammable." By way of example, when starting a fire in a fire place, you put paper under the logs, and light it to start the fire. You don't soak the paper in gasoline first. In fact, gasoline is almost never used in fires, unless you are trying to dramatically light a car on fire from a distance.

So this all sounds either hinky, or like Agosta is not the sharpest blade on the bench. He was charged with arson and has a court appearance on February 1st.

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