Cavs Dancers Steal the Show from Stephen A. Smith with Videobomb

These guys had almost as much fun dancing as the Cleveland Cavaliers did obliterating the Toronto Raptors.
May 18, 2016, 4:40pm

The nature of Stephen A. Smith is to be the center of attention—loud, controversial, and loudly controversial. Quite frankly, it's very difficult to steal the spotlight from Stephen A., but that's exactly what these guys did during a live SportsCenter segment last night following Cleveland's 115-84 win in Game 1. The group has a few dancers, but there is only one star. He enters stage right, slowly but deftly, like a cat. And then it's a real show.

He rattles off a number of popular dances, including the Robot and the Running Man (which has got new legs of late by way of the Running Man Challenge with Ghost Town DJ's "My Boo"). The whole ESPN crew seems to be aware of what's going on—major props to Tim Legler for keeping a straight-ish face while he's on camera—but it's only at the very end that they acknowledge the guys behind them.