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Lax Bros Settle Game with Super Intense Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

A lightning storm can never really cancel the game when you have rock, paper, scissors to fall back on.

You want some hot lacrosse action, well you've come to the wrong place. We've got something even better: Rock! Paper! Scissors! (Or RoShamBo if you're from a freak state.)

Last weekend, a lightning storm wiped out a scrimmage between the men's lacrosse teams at Western Michigan and Dayton, but there was no way the Broncos and the Flyers were going down without declaring a winner. So what to do? A spirited, win-or-go-home game of RockPaperScissorsSHOOT!


It was a heated battle with stops and starts, but in the end Western Michigan prevailed 2-0 in the best of three showdown. Primarily because the Flyers went with the tried-and-true Bart Simpson method. Good ole' rock, nothing beats that.

Except paper.

College dudes always gotta' learn the hard way.

#TrickShotTuesday: check out this one handed behind the back shot from @JohnGrantJr24 @MammothLax against the @StealthLAX
— NLL (@NLL) October 4, 2016

Good on the kids for settling it like men, boys at least, but let's go out on some real lacrosse that popped up today. Behold "The Legend" John Grant Jr.—dude's a two-time MVP, six-time All-Pro first-teamer, so yeah, checks out—doing some cradling, taking a stick to the face, and then going behind-the-back off-the-turf top-shelf bounce goal. (Bounce goal? That can't be right.)

Ro-Sham-Lax-Bro, indeed.

h/t Yahoo