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Rutgers Fans are Very Proud of Rutgers and New Jersey

Rutgers is sad.

What Rutgers fans would like you, yes you, to know about Rutgers:
— Matt Brown (@MattSBN) October 24, 2015

Are you familiar with Rutger University? It's a proud university—one of the first in the country!—and has a long history of…doing stuff. As you can see by these adorable signs that Scarlet Knights fans helpfully put together for their big time matchup against Ohio State tonight, the school is steeped in tradition. What kind of tradition? I'm glad you asked. Tradition like cramming fried foods into loafs of carbohydrates and being located in the same state that brought us the Gaslight Anthem, which is a band you either never heard of, or assumed was The Hold Steady.

Rutgers fans made one for NJ too. Get excited about, uh, high property taxes and Johnson and Johnson!
— Matt Brown (@MattSBN) October 24, 2015

That was fun. Here are some other significant facts about Rutgers. While we're sharing stuff.

  • Former men's basketball coach Mike Rice is the former men's basketball coach because he physically assaulted his players.
  • Athletic director Julie Hermann, who was inexplicably rushed into her position following the Rice ordeal, was previously sued for firing her assistant when she was volleyball coach at Tennessee. The suit alleged the assistant was fired for being pregnant and the jury awarded a $150,000 verdict against Hermann.
  • Hermann was also accused of physically and verbally abusing her players. According to the Newark Star-Ledger, she called her players "whores, alcoholics and learning disabled."
  • Rutgers replaced Rice with Eddie Jordan, who Rutgers touted as a graduate of the school, despite not being a graduate.
  • Last month, five Rutgers football players were arrested for their roles in a string of robberies and assaults.
  • The current football coach Kyle Flood was suspended three games for trying to strong-arm a professor into changing a player's grade.
  • Rutgers is in New Jersey. Legendary rock band Skid Row formed in New Jersey.
  • Literally no one cares that Rutgers is geographically close to New York City because the New Jersey Turnpike is a hellscape absent of humanity.