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Chicago Politicians Are Super Pissed at Being Denied Face-Value Cubs World Series Tickets

Local Chicago politicians won't get any breaks on Cubs ticket prices and they're pissed.
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World Series tickets for Chicago Cubs games at Wrigley Field, which have a face value of up to $450 apiece for the best seats, are being listed for thousands of dollars on the secondary market. As of Monday afternoon, for example, Seatsmart was selling a standing-room ticket for Game 3—which at face value would cost less than $175—for $2,077.

For more than a decade, according to the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs have offered playoff tickets to local officials at face value, no strings attached. That changed this postseason, however, when the Chicago Board of Ethics ruled that city aldermen and women who accepted the team's offer had to be announced at the game somehow. Otherwise, the board decided, the face-value tickets would violate the city's ban on public officials accepting gifts worth more than $50, which would result in a fine anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. (Would you believe it? This is Chicago, right?)


Now the ethics board has updated their policy again, and would you believe that the politicians were not at all happy when they learned of the change in protocol? DNA Info Chicago has more:

"Aldermen who had accepted the offer to buy tickets for playoff games got a call from team representatives Monday morning, informing them of the change.

"Several aldermen, who asked not to be named while criticizing city ethics officials, said they were angry that the rules were changed Friday by William Conlon, chairman of the Chicago Board of Ethics.

"Originally, Chicago Board of Ethics Executive Director Steve Berlin ruled that Mayor Rahm Emanuel and any of the 50 aldermen who take advantage of the Cubs' offer to buy playoff tickets at face value could go in their official capacity. That meant the aldermen would have to use the tickets themselves and be acknowledged by the team by having their names announced or displayed on the digital billboard in center field."

The only way to get in for face value now is to perform a ceremonial duty, like throwing the first pitch, and with the likes of Billy Williams, Andre Dawson, Kerry Wood, Bill Murray, and Eddie Vedder hanging around as potential special pregame guests or whatever, the Cubs aren't going to be needing any lowly politicians. So sorry, gentlemen and ladies, but your services won't be required for this Fall Classic. Please find an area scalper, or StubHub agent, to fulfill your World Series ticket needs. Then again, the fine for accepting a gift of more than $50 might still be the cheaper option.

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