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Chris Paul Wins Game 7 on Last-Second Shot

Chris Paul hit the game-winning shot to send the Spurs packing in Game 7.

Chris Paul ended one of the most exciting games we've seen all year with another dagger shot as time ticked away. It wasn't a true buzzer beater like he hit to close the third quarter, but it was damn close and it gave the Clippers a 111-109 win over the San Antonio Spurs. He scored 27 points, with nine in the fourth quarter, including the final two on this high-arcing leaner off the glass. Then he hugged it out with Billy Crystal.

There was a weird moment with a rogue buzzer sounding right before San Antonio's last play that might have been a malfunction, or might have been homecooking, who knows. Gregg Popovic was very upset about because it gave the Clippers a chance to see their formation and play call, with some additional time to gameplan for it, but it was going to take a perfect play to do anything with just one second left. Anyway, what a damn game, man.