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Ezekiel Elliott Filmed Pulling Down Woman's Shirt at St. Patrick's Day Parade

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott finds himself in hot water yet again.

Taken by itself, video posted by TMZ of Ezekiel Elliott exposing a woman's breast at a Mardi Gras-like St. Patrick's Day parade in Dallas probably wouldn't move the needle much at the NFL office. The incident does, however, bring more unwanted attention to Elliott's off-the-field behavior, which has been under increased scrutiny after allegations of multiple incidents of violence by his former girlfriend.

Last July, Tiffany Thompson filed a police report in which she alleged that Elliott assaulted her in her car. She later uploaded photos of her bruises to Instagram. Officials in Columbus, Ohio, declined to press charges—as did authorities in Florida, where she alleged another violent episode—but that doesn't mean the league still couldn't punish Elliott. Players can still be found in violation of the NFL's personal conduct policy, even if they haven't been charged or convicted of a crime. In Elliott's case, however, the league appears in no hurry to make a determination: its investigation of Elliott for domestic abuse has lasted eight months without the hint of a resolution.

As for the festivities in Dallas, TMZ says the woman in question "wasn't upset," and a representative for Elliott says the stunt was "all in good fun." The video doesn't seem to back that up—you can see the woman instantly recoil and try to cover herself back up. TMZ later obtained a second video where Elliott again reaches over to expose the woman's breasts and she again swats him away, before pulling her shirt down herself.

It's safe to say that at the very least Elliot might have some boundary issues, but you have to wonder if the NFL is even paying attention. The league has yet to comment on this latest incident. Maybe now that Elliott was caught doing something on video, the NFL will feel pressured to act.