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Listen to "Bestfriend," a Fire New Track from Section Boyz' Swift

The song came out of nowhere via the crew's Soundcloud last night.

Just a day after he dropped "Free Yard" with fellow Section Boyz MC Sleeks, Swift isn't wasting any time, because he's back with another one. This time he's riding solo on "Bestfriend," a brand new track where he flexes his own muscles, dropping raw-sounding bars at the same time as also maintaining the group's signature iciness on the production.

It's a pretty busy time for Section Boyz – between having put out a new tape at the end of last month and appearing multiple times with Drake in London earlier this year and rocked up at east London venue Kamio for a surprise show earlier this month, it's been a big start to the year. So it's good news that they're still managing to work on separate tracks where they get to showcase their individual flows and personalities a bit more than a singular Section verse might allow – because if they're all as tight as this, we've got a lot of good things to come.

Listen below:

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(Image via Swift on Twitter)