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Eric Garner Protests: Excerpts from VICE News Live Coverage - December 3, 2014

VICE News followed those protesting the Eric Garner grand jury result in New York City, as they marched across the city for hours, shutting down traffic, and clashing with police along the way.

On December 3, a grand jury in New York City announced it would not indict Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD officer who killed 43-year-old Eric Garner while arresting him on a Staten Island sidewalk in July. The incident was caught on video by a bystander and hundreds of thousands of people have since watched Garner's last moments of life.

The city's medical examiner ruled the death a homicide by chokehold, a practice banned by the NYPD, but the non-indictment, which followed a similar high-profile one in Ferguson, Missouri, last week, enraged advocates against policy impunity. In the hours following the announcement, hundreds of protesters gathered spontaneously in Manhattan, many chanting "I can't breathe" — Eric Garner's last words.


VICE News followed the protesters as they marched across the city for hours, shutting down traffic on the West Side highway and on Broadway, and making their way to Harlem, sometimes clashing with police along the way.

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