Cancer, September 2016


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Cancer, September 2016

This is a busy month for you, Cancer. Two emotional eclipses come your way this September!

You are extra sensitive to the Moon, Cancer. I mean, you're extra sensitive to everything, but because you're ruled by the Moon, you have a special connection to its movements. This month we have two eclipses—basically a mega new and full moon—so you're sure to have an exciting (and stressful) month.

September 1 brings the solar eclipse in analytical, logical Earth sign Virgo, but don't expect much of anything to make sense: Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo, too! Mercury retrograde began on August 30, and it will end on September 22. As anyone who uses social media these days knows, Mercury retrograde creates delays and confusions. This is a terrible time to make important purchases, do important paperwork (like signing contracts), or travel. Because Virgo occupies the communication and information sector of your chart, this retrograde will be extra confusing!


Decisions you've made, especially since August 10, will be up for reconsideration. Agreements and commitments will be totally in flux now. You'll also find some drama going on in your local neighborhood, or with your siblings.

Eclipses are very exhausting and emotional, and you'll really have a very low tolerance for the bullshit Mercury retrograde brings. Eclipses whisk things out of our lives that are no longer serving us, but because this eclipse will activate such a mental sector of your chart, it's likely that this transit will affect some way that you think, communicate, or connect with others—though seeing your favorite neighborhood cafe or bar vanish is also likely.

Eclipses bring new information to light, and Mercury retrogrades dig up information from the past, so expect to learn a whole lot early this month.

Eclipses bring new information to light, and Mercury retrogrades dig up information from the past, so expect to learn a whole lot early this month, Cancer! Lots of insanely juicy gossip will be coming your way. Also, if there is a conversation you've been hoping to have for a while, it's likely to happen at this time, but beware: The vibe is super intense and emotional, so don't expect it to be a chill heart-to-heart. It will be way more than that.

The next eclipse this month will be in fellow Water sign Pisces on September 16. This lunar eclipse will activate the sector of your chart that rules travel and higher learning, so be mindful of this powerful, transformative energy if you're doing anything abroad or if you're going to school. News from faraway places will arrive and have a profound effect on you, Cancer. On an emotional level, this eclipse will encourage you to see the world in a new light. Even if you're not traveling or in school at this time, this eclipse will be a major learning experience, and you'll be exploring new territory in your life no matter what.


Right in between these two eclipses, the planet of rules and structure, Saturn, will square (a very intense astrological aspect) dreamy Neptune. Saturn is currently in Sagittarius, and Neptune is in Pisces—both of these signs are very philosophical and open to new things; however, serious Saturn and hazy Neptune are not getting along, so people (including you!) may feel very close-minded at this time. People will be anxious, even paranoid, and could be acting from a place of fear, not of trust or love.

You'll feel the energy play out on a very mundane level—getting your work done will seem impossible, and you may feel like you're lacking the basic things you need to get by. You know that annoying feeling when you've packed for a trip, and you can find everything except for underwear and a toothbrush? This is the vibe you'll experience during this time, mixed in with some feelings of being lost and helpless. Think back to November 2015 and June of this year: Themes that were active for you then will come up again for you at this time.

Expect to spend a lot of time over the next year getting comfortable at home.

September isn't all stress, I promise. The second half of the month brings a cozy vibe at home, as well as some romance!

Lucky planet Jupiter enters lovely Libra, the sign of balance, on September 9, where it will stay until October 10, 2017. Jupiter in Libra will activate the home and family sector of your chart, so expect to spend a lot of time over the next year getting comfortable at home. You could be moving someplace bigger and better (Jupiter is all about bigger and better), expanding your family, or, on an inner, more emotional level, simply creating more safety and security in your life and gaining a better understanding of what makes you feel grounded and comfortable.

The Sun enters Libra (and marks the first day of fall!) on September 22, the same day Mercury end its retrograde—yay! Your attention will be even more focused on your home, beautifying your space, and spending time with family. September 26 is a day to mark in your calendar: The Sun will meet Jupiter in Libra, creating a very abundant energy. Needing a fresh start at home, with your roommates or your family? The new moon in Libra on September 30 will bring just that. This is also a marvelous time to energetically cleanse your space. You're the homebody of the zodiac, so late September will be a fantastic time for you!

But what about romance? Don't worry, Cancer, lots of loving (and fun, and creative inspiration) will come your way this month, thanks to seductive Venus slinking into sexy Scorpio on September 23. Scorpio is one of the most intense signs in the zodiac, so there's no way things will be boring. Also on September 23, Mercury (finally direct!) will trine (one of the easiest astrological aspects) power planet Pluto in Capricorn, which will bring some exciting conversations and connections your way. Watch out for who you meet and the messages you receive.

Focus will be sharply on your relationships, both romantic and nonromantic, by the end of the month, thanks to the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto, ending its retrograde in Capricorn. Some big relationship changes have no doubt been looming, and things will really intensify now, especially with Mars entering Capricorn on September 27. We love passionate Mars, but remember: It is the warrior of the zodiac, so some confrontational vibes could flow in your relationships. Luckily you have that hard crab shell to protect you, Cancer. See you in October!