Omar Souleyman's Syrian Pop and 9 Best Things on the Dance Music Internet

James Place, hip hop producers, gay nightlife and more make our list of the week's best things.
May 21, 2017, 2:04pm

1. Omar Souleyman on Syrian pop

The producer gave us a primer on Syrian shaabi, celebratory rural folk songs that influenced his current music.

2. An ode to the sound and light engineer

We break down the reasons why you owe more to the sound and light engineers than you know

3. Six steps for helping a friend through a difficult trip

Sara Gael, Director of the Zendo Project, gave THUMP six steps to determine what to do when a friend might be experiencing a difficult trip.

4. Peak Magnetic

Warp artist Clark released the trippy new video for his single, "Peak Magnetic."

5. James Place

I wanted to confront listeners with love and acceptance.

Place created a record about finding and choosing hope in the face of despair. It's a timely record, and one we're grateful to stream exclusively this week.

6. Meet Rebekah

Resident Advisor spoke to the CLR artist about sobriety and her haunting new record.

7. Gay nightlife

Gay nightlife is not dead. It's just changing and might be better than it's been in years. THUMP features editor Michelle Lhooq spoke with folks from the gay underground, including Aaron Clark (Honcho), Baronhawk Poitier (TNX), and aCe (Men's Room).

8. Gender identity and safe spaces in clubs

Trans people are part of the intersectional bedrock of dance music since its very beginnings.

DJ Mag spoke with DJs and producers about the changing cultural landscape for gender identity, safe spaces and diversity in the nightlife world.

9. Top hip hop producers out now

You can trip and fall over 10 new hip hop producers. But who are the rising stars you should know? THUMP's Ezra Marcus breaks down eight of the best.

10. The first month of Studio 54

Legendary DJ Nicky Siano recalls the famed nightclub's first few weeks and its struggles to maintain an audience.