Everything Alex Jones Got Right (and Wrong) About ‘Alien: Covenant’
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Everything Alex Jones Got Right (and Wrong) About ‘Alien: Covenant’

The Infowars founder has made foreboding predictions about Ridley Scott’s latest chapter. If taken as speculative fan fiction, it weirdly elevates the movie watching experience.

Just six days after the first teaser trailer for Alien: Covenant hit YouTube, Alex Jones made a video titled "The Real Secrets of Alien Covenant Leaked." In it, the Infowars founder urgently reveals that Ridley Scott's new Alien movie is nothing more than a revelation of the elite's agenda to kill off humanity. It's pretty clear Alex Jones is a huge fan of Ridley Scott. He did a similar bout of unhinged theorizing in a video from 2012 about Prometheus. In that video he basically reaches the same conclusion: the movie is nothing more than " a revelation of the method revealing the deepest secrets of the Illuminati mystery religion." Even though he made his video three months before Prometheus came out, he was almost spot on about how the film tied into conspiracy theories surrounding a group of alien deities known as the Anunnaki. The Annunaki theory posits that celestial deities visited Earth thousands of years ago from distant planets and genetically engineered human life. That's also more or less the opening scene to Ridley Scott's 2012 film Prometheus.


Understanding the Anunnaki is key to understanding how Jones sees the Alien prequels. He believes Prometheus and Alien: Covenant present themes that are at the core of Western secret societies. In other words, he takes that first scene in Prometheus as a depiction of reality rather than a work of fiction. No matter what you think of Jones, his strange predictions only elevate the Alien: Covenant viewing experience. Somehow he nails the major themes better than most reviews for the film. Should go without saying but major spoilers from here on out. The Plot of Alien: Covenant According to Alex Jones Jones really does seem to believe the Alien prequels are depicting "reality," and that off-world aliens are controlling knowledge on planet Earth. Everything from Darwin's theory of evolution to the discovery of DNA was given to us by the Annunaki, so the theory goes. He rationalizes all this by citing a hypothesis known as panspermia, which argues that the organic building blocks of life originated in space. It's a very hard to discover evidence for this hypothesis, which means it's also really hard to disprove. (It's also a fairly common sci-fi trope, even Star Trek suggested life on Earth came from elsewhere.) Alien: Covenant follows the crew of the USCSS Covenant, a 22nd-century spaceship carrying 2,000 colonists as they descend to an unknown, Earth-like planet. They land on the planet to investigate a distress beacon. There, they stumble on strange fungal spores that gestate inside hosts turning them into pre-evolved Xenomorphs. After discovering this, the survivors of the Covenant take refuge inside a dead alien metropolis piled with the corpses of humanoids who failed to accept the new world order enacted upon them by the social engineers.

Prediction #1: Humanity's Demise by Our Own Creations Jones predicted that the social engineers who rule planet Earth were making Alien: Covenant as a clear communication of the tenants of panspermia. He's not wrong. The theme of the new film extends the Prometheus line of thinking. Within the first moments of his life, the android David (Michael Fassbender, reprising his role from Prometheus) asks his human creator the question: "Who created you?" The question lingers in the air unanswered, setting the whole film in motion. This scene sets up David's turn later in the film as he dumps as a mysterious molecule over an entire alien metropolis (teased in this short video) effectively creating the genetic building blocks for Xenomorphs—you know, H.R. Giger's iconic monster from every previous entry of the Alien franchise. Jones predicted this almost perfectly in December when he said the film was about "the plan to turn the entire planet into a petri-dish of life." Consider yourself warned that artificial intelligence will be our undoing—yet another sci fi trope. To Jones this is clearly depicted through the character of David. He tells us that the android is merely social engineer Ridley Scott's revelation of the method of our demise. Jones tells us that even Scott's original Alien film was a way to condition us to this terrible fate that androids will eventually murder us all. (That said, Lance Henriksen's android from James Cameron's Aliens was a good guy, though a bit creepy.) The synthetic character of Ash (Ian Holm) in the original Alien was just the first step in conditioning human to our inevitable doom at the hands of the android just as "grass bends to the wind." Prediction #2: People Will Mutate Jones predicted that the bizarre new planet in Alien: Covenant is actually a giant test tube merging creatures in bizarre new forms. Jones tells us the planet will become a hotbed of "mutagens" that will embrace the human form with a lot of ugliness. But honestly this is clearly outlined in the trailer for the film and is the basis for the entire franchise. Sloppy work, Alex Jones. Just lazy. Prediction #3: Alien Covenant Depicts The Deepest Covenants Of The Human Race Jones' research went deeper though. He tells us that the ideas we see in Alien: Covenant are the deepest covenants of the human race. Although it seems that Jones' is merely playing off the name of the film. He understands Alien as a promise made to the people of the word. A promise of understanding the origins of our celestial overlords. This prediction really only comes true if you see the film as a historically accurate work of fiction, which is not advisable. Jones posits that the new film isn't just about biological takeover but offers a real insight into what the social engineers of the world are currently building. By watching the film you're confronted with this knowledge so you have the opportunity to resist it in the real world. Prediction #4: Faith Will Not Survive The New World Order About mid-way through his December video, Jones segues his predictions into the idea of ascension from this level of faith and existence. He leaves it vague enough to apply to any character in horror movies (like Alien) who die out of sheer ignorance. In the film we can see this come true through Captain Oram's (Billy Crudup) religious faith. He becomes a sacrificial lamb to the first facehugger of the film because he refuses to believe the chilling covenants of alien life.

Prediction #5: There Will Be A Messianic Character or Scene After making strange and sweeping references to Jesus and Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy as half-humanoid creatures designed to shepherd us into this new world Jones declares there will be a messiah character or scene in Alien: Covenant. Somehow he's right again. David's role in Alien: Covenant is pretty similar to Christ. The new film hinges on the reveal that the android has become somewhat of a genetic carpenter. There's literally a scene in the film where David has an baby Xenomorph mimic him as he does his best Jesus on the cross imitation. Jones' Predictions Were Weirdly Accurate Up Until His Second Video Jones' made a second video about Alien: Covenant titled " Exclusive: Secrets Of Alien Covenant Film Leaked" but it's pretty much more of the same. In it, Jones' tells viewers that he's simply putting on his sociologist/anthropologist hat to show us that director Ridley Scott believes aliens are real and will probably destroy us all. While that's a true quote from Scott, Jones treats this as simply another revelation of the method of our demise. Prediction #6: Xenomorphs Are Based on Human-Animal Chimeras Jones cites this article about human-animal chimeras as the basis for the Xenomorphs. He's not wrong that there are similarities. Although this assumption doesn't really account for how the Xenomorph has existed in film for 40 years and that this article is from 2017. He also rambles on about everything from the super hadron collider, pocket calculators, and the technological singularity before he ends up at human animal hybrids again. Prediction #7: Human Ignorance Will Lead To Our Demise Alex Jones sees the plot of Alien: Covenant as a distinction between the creator and the created, but he's incorrect. The film concludes with the idea that humans are really neatly made gods themselves. He assumes that we will be undone by our own creations in an effort to advance further. Knowledge drives Ridley's conclusion where Jones believes it's ignorance that causes our ultimate fate. Scott presents our undoing as one of hubris. That even our creations are more human than they believe. This is made clear when David recites Percy Blythe Shelley's "Ozymandias" and incorrectly attributes the epic poem to another author. The charred corpses outside the alien metropolis remind viewers about the follies of science and present us with the opportunity to see things coming. Conclusion: Alex Jones Is Making It Up As He Goes Along In reality, Jones is right about the film—just not in the way he thinks. He's right about the whole thing being an allegory for our creations consuming us but he's very wrong to assume anything in the film is actually a reflection of reality. Still, it's insane to think that the shouting, chili-obsessed conspiracy theorist could tell us more about the themes of a summer blockbuster than most reviews. So heed Alex Jones' warning. Alien: Covenant provides a disturbing look into the future of humanity and our forthcoming demise. If you see these complex truths in the cinema this weekend, you'll have the opportunity to accept your fate when they inevitably come true in the near future. You've been warned. Follow Zac Thompson on Twitter.