A Net Artist Pokes Fun at Skincare Ads With Distorted Self Portraits

The 33rd issue of FELT Zine features collage works by Ukrainian artist Sofia Vet a.k.a. Pakhlavamedovaya.
May 27, 2017, 12:15pm
Images courtesy of FELT Zine

Every Saturday, Creators premieres a new issue from net art platform and artist collective FELT Zine.

It's best to look at the varied, digitally manipulated faces of Ukrainian artist Sofia Vet, a.k.a. Pakhlavamedovaya. They are less like self portraits and more like masks telling a story across the artist's face. She describes her new series in the 33rd issue of FELT Zine as a form of free association collage that draws on her perceptions of the world. Each piece represents the thoughts and feelings Pakhlavamedovaya associates with the moment the picture was taken. Several pieces in the series make reference to skin care products while others are playful riffs on the artist's facial features. The artwork is an overt merger of the digital and physical world.


"I feel like there is no need to separate the physical from digital because I see a physical life and a digital life as one comprehensive experience," she tells Creators. "In my work, they rarely can live without each other." Check out more artworks from the issue below:

Check out the 33rd Issue of FELT Zine here, and check out more of Pakhlavamedovaya's work on Instagram.


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