Meet Bodhi, Instagram's Menswear Dog and Very Good Boy

Author, model, and dog Bodhi meets us in the studio as we talk to his owner Yena Kim about her Shibu Inu's rise to Instagram fame.
November 7, 2017, 7:00pm

In this video, Broadly meets Yena Kim and her dog Bodhi, the Shiba Inu social media star that dresses better than any guy we've ever met. In the online world of fashion and dogs, Bodhi is known simply as Menswear Dog, and with appearances in GQ and his own book, Menswear Dog Presents the New Classics: Fresh Looks for the Modern Man, the name is quite fitting.

Kim tells us about Bodhi's rise to Instagram stardom in the three short years that he's had his own account. Bodhi's knack for style became clear to her when she jokingly decided to throw a shirt on him one day to see how he'd react. Kim had assumed he'd run off and continue doggy-life-as-usual, but was pleasantly surprised to see that he instead began posing, clearly aware of his angles. She snapped a few photos, as any dog owner would, and posted them on Facebook. The photos quickly gathered more likes than Kim had ever accumulated on her previous content, she says. The next day, when the photos of Bodhi were picked up by menswear bible GQ, she knew she and Bodhi had tapped into something special.

Kim takes us inside one of Bodhi's modeling shoots where she describes his personal style as "classic with a touch of vintage and a touch of trend." To us, Bodhi looks like a trendy dog about town, mysteriously chill as he lets Kim undress and pose him between camera flashes and wardrobe changes. His expression remains calm and bored, though he throws in the occasional yawn for flare. Kim believes that dressing Bodhi actually calms him down. "That's really why we started, because he was okay with it and he was posing for us," she says. "I think he's the perfect fit and the perfect face, if you will."