Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, October 2018
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Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, October 2018

How will you do during this Venus retrograde?
September 28, 2018, 2:27pm

Libra season is here, Cancer, and as the sun shines in the sign of balance, you're seeking harmony in your home, family, and personal life. This is a wonderful time to energetically cleanse your space, connect with your loved ones, and do deep, inner work. The new moon in Libra on October 8 is an especially magical time to work out issues concerning your emotions, your sense of privacy and safety, and even issues stemming from your early childhood—with the new moon, a new beginning is here.


Something important to consider early this month is whether or not you feel like your partners are on the same "team" as you—does it feel like they're on your side? Or do you feel used, unappreciated, or even tricked? A tense conversation arrives on October 2 as Mercury squares off with Pluto, bringing up these issues for you to reflect on. Watch out for manipulative angles in conversations. That said, a powerful piece of information may also arrive!

October might start with the sun in light and breezy Libra, but this month is sure to be intense due to Venus retrograde in Scorpio, which begins on October 5 and ends on November 16. This Venus retrograde hits you right where gentle Venus doesn’t like to hit: your love life and your creativity. Sweet Venus never wants to hit anyone, but, Venus in Scorpio does have a fully-stocked dungeon. Think back to autumn 2010—don’t worry, you’re not doomed to repeat history, but it would be wise for you to reflect on that time of your life as similar themes are coming up for you to grow and learn from now. Think back over the last month, too: Venus entered its pre-retrograde shadow period on September 3, so the things that came up over this last month will be reconsidered. What you want in your love life and how you express yourself creatively are undergoing emotionally intense shifts. Venus in probing Scorpio is asking you to dive deep into what’s important to you. This is a time for profound intimacy, but it may manifest in very unexpected ways. If you’ve ever felt unworthy of love, this Venus retrograde has much to show you. Two tips for this Venus retrograde: wait until it’s over to get a makeover, and watch out for people from your past.


Communication planet Mercury enters intuitive Scorpio on October 9, facilitating a flow around creativity and romance. Expect some surprising conversations on October 10, when Mercury opposes Uranus—dramatic shifts in your social life are also likely to take place. Big passion is in the air on October 10, when Venus retrograde clashes with Mars, bringing the unseen to the surface and encouraging you to go after what you really want—which may mean leaving something in the past behind! Trust that if it’s meant to return, it will. Tension in your partnerships, romantic or otherwise, arrives as the sun squares off with power planet Pluto on October 12. However, supportive energy is also in the air as Mercury connects with the planet of responsibility, Saturn, on October 12—trust that whoever is not full of shit will make themselves clearly known today, because they'll be the ones acting reliably and maturely. Key realizations take place as Mercury meets Venus retrograde on October 15, and a big boost in intuition arrives as Mercury connects with Neptune on October 19—this is a dreamy day to travel and explore the world.

Scorpio season begins on October 23, and the sun opposes Uranus—boredom is your enemy and you’re looking for thrills, Cancer. You’re famous for being cautious, but you’re a total rebel right now. You’re ready for change—not just in your life, but in your community, and you’re eager to align yourself with people who are motivated to make a difference. In your social life, some unexpected surprises within your friend circle are likely to take place, but these changes have been brewing beneath the surface for a while. Anything or anyone preventing you from being free, having fun, or being yourself, has got to go. A full moon in Taurus arrives on October 24, which reinforces your position that changes need to be made and that friends, lovers, and associates that don’t support you have no place in your life. A dream you had may come true now, other dreams may wither, and new dreams are born. Important shifts take place as the sun meets Venus retrograde on October 26, finding you realizing what’s really important to you in your love and creative life.

A fantastically flirtatious day arrives on October 29, when Mercury connects with lucky planet Jupiter. If you’re planning to get to know a crush better, October 29 is the day, as romantic energy will be flowing all around you. The atmosphere is conducive to deep conversation, while not being too heavy—jovial Jupiter knows how to create a celebratory energy, and Mercury knows how to keep things moving. If you’re creating art or planning a party, this will also be a very beneficial astrological transit.

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Halloween is full of action: Mercury enters Sagittarius, Venus opposes Uranus and reenters Libra. Getting your chores done this month might not be so easy, but Mercury in Sagittarius will light the fire under your butt to get things moving. Mercury in Sagittarius is capable of multitasking—this can be useful, Cancer, but save yourself from long-term burnout by focusing on one task at a time. Venus’s opposition to Uranus is sure to find you wearing an outlandish costume on Halloween! Drama will certainly pop up in your social life this Halloween, and you’re feeling bored of the same old haunts you usually spend time in—this year, doing something new and interesting is definitely your best bet.

Venus’s reentry into Libra, however, will find you feel nostalgic…how many directions could you be pulled in at once? You’ll find out this Halloween, Cancer! Venus retrograde in Libra will ask you to take another look at your home and family life. You’re valuing safety and security in your relationships—even though you’re also totally bored of the same old. Lots of complicated and conflicting feelings, Cancer! Somewhere in the middle, is a place of balance. You will find it. Good luck this month and see you in November!