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Police Dog Sniffs Out $30,000 Worth of Meth Stuffed in Oklahoma Easter Bunny

Oklahoma authorities discovered about a pound of meth wrapped in two condoms and hidden inside a plush toy Easter bunny.
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Police in Oklahoma joked about finding an unusual "prize egg" this week for Easter: A plush bunny rabbit stuffed with about a pound of meth.

Local authorities in Tahlequah, a town about 70 miles east of Tulsa, were tipped off to the suspicious bunny when a Tulsa County police dog sniffed out the drugs, which were wrapped in two condoms and hidden inside a hole cut in the bunny's bottom, according to Oklahoma's The drugs had an estimated street value of around $30,000.


Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King told the local news station his department has intercepted drugs in the mail before, but "the Easter bunny I thought was a strange touch."

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A Tahlequah police officer reportedly posed as a FedEx delivery driver and carried the bunny to the address listed on the original packaging.

"We didn't know who at the home would receive the meth or if they knew what they were receiving," King said, according to Fox23.

King told the TV news outlet that a Tahlequah woman named Carolyn Ross confessed to knowing the drugs were in the mail, and said she was supposed to redistribute them to "an unknown person" at a later date.

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