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Kojey Radical's "700 Pennies" Video is an Affecting Look at Love

The new visual for the 'In Gods Body' cut shows a sense of vulnerability that's rare in UK hip-hop.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Kojey Radical thinks outside the box – that's why his projects are always so interesting and surprising. His EP In Gods Body, released last month, saw him capitalise on his especially thoughtful flair and in general his approach marks him out as someone totally unique.

True to form, then, he's supplied us with a new video for In Gods Body track "700 Pennies," and it's raw, and vulnerable, and very beautiful indeed. Stark shots of Kojey alone are inter-spliced with scenes of couples of all sexualities embracing, and it's a nicely executed visual reminder of the loneliness or togetherness (or both) that romantic love can bring, depending on circumstance.


The warmly captured imagery also only heightens the effectiveness of his words on the track. Delivered in a style that sounds more like spoken word than rap, Kojey's lyrics get deep into his feelings and underneath the listener's skin. Exploring the mundanities of desire right now, he muses "How could I forget / Often waited for your text / Paragraphs and paragraphs, I could only wish," his mouth moving around each word with a clarity that mirrors the candour of what he's saying.

It's rare in UK hip hop to hear someone laying himself so bare, and Kojey agrees that what he's doing is unusual. Speaking to Clash about "700 Pennies," he said:

"For me its important that all people can identify themselves within aspects of my music. I am liberated through my art so it was important for me to challenge some of the confinements of hyper masculinity within hip hop (especially UK hip hop) and incorporate a level of sexual diversity that represented love as a whole. Love is simple, being in love isn't. It can be distorting and confusing, especially when your young and so rooted to connections and energy. I wanted to create a love song that described my experience of having to love someone at a distance and telling them even if this was my last I would spend it all on you."

It's a sentiment that we're all familiar with, but that gets a little lost – especially amongst younger people – in a climate where online dating and fleeting acquaintance tend to rule. "700 Pennies" is a gentle but affecting memo that genuine connection is possible, and that's valuable.

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