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Man Orders Extra Spicy Pad Thai, Receipt Promises He'll 'Regret Being Born'

His terrifying receipt for the pad Thai, which has gone viral on Reddit, has the word 'spicy' on it 17 times.

Logan Doan is a man with a ridiculously high tolerance for spicy food—or so he thinks. Last week, the Jacksonville, Florida resident trekked to the Hawkers Asian Street Fare while on his lunch break during work and ordered a simple dish of pad Thai from a vendor there, and requested that the chefs make it "extra spicy."

Well, that request was taken pretty seriously. What he received in return was a carton covered with drawings of flames, and inside was a tub of noodles topped with a veritable mound of pepper flakes. The dish looked, frankly, like a gastrointestinal death sentence.


Last week, Doan, who goes by the nom de plume Lowghen on Reddit, shared a photo of a receipt he received for this particular lunch—and now, it all makes sense. The receipt is emblazoned with the word "Spicy" a whopping 17 times, followed by the phrase 'MAKE HIM REGRET BEING BORN.'

Doan's photograph of the receipt has since gone viral, amassing 124,000 upvotes and upwards of 3,000 comments.

Scan the thread and you'll see stories from would-be daredevils like Doan who've tried, and failed, to stomach similar orders. "I hallucinated. It was so hot, my, friend had to help me to the car," one user, sfgeek, recounted of the time he asked for a "Thai Spicy"-level of heat in his dish. Another user surfaced a thread from a few weeks ago from an Australian user whose plea for extra-piquant pho made him physically ill. Doan himself even joked that his ask for the chef was a "low key suicide attempt."

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Still, though, he fared considerably better than those other bold gourmands; he claims he felt just peachy after eating his lunch.

"Some folks in my office thought I was crazy for eating it, but I didn't really get a rush from it," he told the Kansas City Star yesterday, saying that he certainly didn't regret being born after eating it. Well, damn. At least they tried.

Correction: A previous version of this article erroneously named the man who received the receipt as Jamie Doan, when his correct name is Logan Doan. We regret the error.