Watch a 10-Year-Old Drake Play Table Hockey and Be a True Canadian Patriot

If you don't enjoy this video, you officially hate Canada.
June 19, 2017, 3:14pm

Despite being the most famous Canadian musician, Drake isn't usually thought of in the same breath as our unofficial (but really, who gives a shit about lacrosse) national sport of hockey. This is unfair because the Boy adores all aspects of his home country and the game of puck is no different. He performed at the 2012 NHL All-Star Game in a custom jersey, cheers on the objectively mediocre but objectively profitable Toronto Maple Leafs, and once played for a team that was apparently called both the Weston Red Wings and the Weston Lions as a youth. Thought you knew about the team, eh?


In any case, we now have proof that Drake has been a part of hockey since even before he was Wheelchair Jimmy. Behold this clip from the 1997 NHL Awards, wherein 10-year-old Aubrey Graham jubilantly plays table hockey with his Hanson-haired friend. A bit of background NHL lore: this particular skit is a riff on players Martin Brodeur and Ron Hextall, both of whom are the only goalies to have scored multiple goals. I didn't look that up, I knew that instinctually because Canadians are force-fed hockey trivia from a young age. As you witness young Drake enjoying himself above, take note of his signature guffawing laugh, which has persisted into adulthood. This is where legends are born.

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