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Shopper Allegedly Finds Bullet Inside Grocery Store Avocado

Just when you thought 'avocado hand' was the most perilous threat to making guacamole, along comes this creepy find.

According to its unofficial mission statement, Sprouts Farmers Market believes that "healthy living is a journey and every meal is a choice." And, if you believe one recent Sprouts shopper, part of that choice is deciding what to do with the bullet you'll find inside your avocado.

A photo posted on Reddit over the weekend shows just that: a triangular wedge of avocado discolored by a small caliber bullet that was presumably lodged inside the fruit. The photo was posted to the r/MildlyInteresting subreddit with no details other than the avocado was purchased at an unidentified Sprouts location.


"A wild shot avocado," one commenter wrote. "Not one of them farm raised avos." Another called it "Glockamole," which is not even close to being the worst avocado-related pun I've heard. (The bullet was not from a Glock, though; the commenters couldn't reach a consensus, but said that it looked like a .22 or a .25acp, because that's the most important takeaway from this story.)

This is not the first time that a customer has literally bitten the bullet (sorry) thanks to a grocery store purchase. In 2005, Diane Johnson found a bullet in a pork loin she bought at her local Publix in Ormond Beach, Florida. A spokesperson for Publix told the Associated Press that all of its meat went through a metal detector before it was placed on the store's refrigerated shelves, but somehow, they'd missed this one. The bullet was never fully explained, although the store's hypothesis was that someone had randomly fired into a herd of pigs. (It's Florida, so there are any number of scenarios that would be believable).

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And, the year before, Olivia Chanes bit into one 9mm bullet and swallowed a second one while chowing down on a hot dog at a California Costco. The Irvine Police Department said they had "no idea" where the bullet came from—no others were found in the store's remaining packages of 'dogs—and Jim Sinegal, Costco's then-CEO, called the incident "regrettable." What was really regrettable was the fact that Chanes' doctor told her to see if she could just shit the bullet out. Uhh, yikes? (Chanes was seemingly undisturbed by that idea, telling a Spanish language newspaper that swallowing it was pretty much the best possible way to get a bullet in your stomach.)

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for Sprouts told MUNCHIES: "Sprouts has not been contacted by any customer with this claim, so I am unable to provide any details. I can tell you that we are committed to food safety and quality in all areas of our business and would take any claim of this nature very seriously.""

At least this Reddit-bound Sprouts customer isn't waiting to see how long it takes a bullet to pass through a human's small intestine. Small victories.