Quest?onmarc's Mix for The Pre-Game Goes Well With Any Part of the Night

The New York producer joins Jubilee for a ripping set and a conversation about artistic process.
June 15, 2017, 5:19pm

This week's episode of The Pre-Game is an actual pre-game—at least for quest?onmarc. Fresh off launching a new party called House of Vogue with the vogue master MikeQ, the New York producer stopped by Jubilee's show on the way to a proper gig.

They chat about the importance of Qween Beat—the label that's released much of quest?onmarc's music—as well as artistic process and the unique role that each play in the scene. Oh and then there's a ripper of a mix that'll be well suited to all parts of the night—before or after a trip to the club. Listen here.

Jubilee tracklist:
Ikonika - "Girlfriend"
DJ HAUS - "Flange Attack"
Uniique & Yungkidd - "Trunk"
Jayhood - "Hands on Ya Hips (feat. Joker)"
Star Eyes - "Make Me"
Shy One - "Waterfalls" quest?onmarc track list
Black Noi$e - "Sk8Rink"
MikeQ - "Shes's Feeling"
Apple - "Siegalizer (LVIS1990 Edit)"
FKOFF1963 - "Pirata"
quest?onmarc - "CUNTY"
DJ JM & TSVI - "Aziza"
Sinjin Hawke- "Nailgun"
MikeQ - "DJ MikeQ Ha"
DJ NA & MikeQ - "Fingers Up (feat. Tink)"
Neana - "Vine Line"
Dj Jayhood - "Walk For Me (feat. Ms. Porsh)"
Byrell The Great - "Bubble Drip (feat. Kassandra Ebony, WARREN B. & Princess Precious)"
Kilbourne - "My Betrayal"
Lil Crack - "War Studies"
DJ Sliink & Brenmar - "Vibrate'
Kieran Loftus - "Took Myself On A Damn Date"
SMF - "Ha Ha Ha"
DJ Phil - "HWG"
Sha Sha Kimbo - "Zattise (Swisha Remix)"
RaEazy - "From The Krypt"
Kush Jones - "Triggered"