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Shania Twain Returns With First New Music in 15 Years, We Weep

Has a legend ever really returned if they've been in your heart this entire time?

When it was announced earlier this week that Shania Twain would return this week with her first single in 15 years, an Idolator post said: "A legend returns." Which is great, but what if this legend never ever really left your heart? What if you've been clutching the same cassette of The Woman In Me since 1995 and knew she'd be back anyway? Shania Twain's return to music is like a supermoon: a spectacular, overwhelming, and perfect event but you knew it was going to happen.


Twain played the single "Life's About To Get Good" from her forthcoming record Now, announced yesterday via an elaborate Instagram post reveal, on BBC Radio 2. And, man alive, did this pop phenomenon ever deliver. On the track, over jubilant and triumphant keys, Twain lays into Mutt Lange immediately by singing, "I wasn't just broken/I was shattered/I trusted you so much/You're all that mattered." God, imagine being Mutt Lange right now? This is Twain's first song without her long-time collaborator and former husband, who dared to cheat on our Timmins queen.

"Life's About To Get Good" is an obvious pop pivot with some country elements. Twain is one of the few country acts to have such incredible crossover appeal and garner a far broader audience. Taylor Swift, as the most recent and popular country/pop crossover act, can thank Shania for pioneering this. Yet, we're happy that Shania is back and not Taylor. Twain sings about deserving love, about the ups-and-downs of life—expecting pain that will be followed by joy—with a chorus of backup singers to help her. The Now cover art has our country pop queen clad in leopard print, which is genuinely iconic Shania. If you don't know why, then please see yourself out of this post immediately. It's a cheeky throwback but ultimately serves as a reminder that Twain is important to pop culture and we should all remember that. Honestly, we're really ready for her to take over Summer Seventeen.

Listen to the track below:

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