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Darlington Nagbe Nearly Tricks Clint Dempsey into Saying What's Up to Portland

The USA plays Mexico, but that doesn't mean that the Timbers - Sounders rivalry isn't going strong.
Video by Darlington Nagbe, via @timbersmania

The meeting of a national team is a beautiful thing. Players from opposing sides put aside their differences and come together to unite under the kaleidoscopic gauze of nationhood—bound by birth, if not political and cultural affiliation.

But that kind of kinship and commonality also makes things ripe for pulling some epic shit on your rivals when they least expect it.

Sure, the USA-Mexico grudge match is at the fore today, but Darlington Nagbe came in with some Portland Timbers-based antics on his rival, and Seattle Sounders' own, Clint Dempsey. Nagbe was doing a quick little shout-out to his fans and roped Dempsey in to say hi to the people, and then rattled off a sly, "Say 'what's up, Portland?'" Dempsey started, but caught Nagbe in the act. Just take a look:

For those of you not too familiar, the Sounders and the Timbers have been rivals well-before the MLS era. Some cite their first meeting in 1975 as the beginning of their beef. Today, the teams arrange for crazy-huge and elaborate tifos, and Timbers fans even made urinal cakes with Dempsey's face on it. Good to see Nagbe find another way to take the piss out of Dempsey.